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Results-Oriented Presentations:

bulletSales Training
bulletImproving Customer Service
bulletDealing With Difficult People
bulletTime Management
bulletEnhancing the Attitude climate
bulletInternal customer Service
bulletListening and Communication Skills
bulletParadigm Training
bulletTelephone Techniques
bulletManaging Multiple Priorities
bulletSupervisory Skills
bulletDealing with Change
bulletManagement Training
bulletTeam Building


Get Results Now!

Develop the kind of employee attitude and behavior that make your customers and clients say, "I like doing business with them." The image of your company or organization depends on the favorable impression customers receive in their contacts with your employees.

Your business can gain practical "how to's" for more profitable relationships with customers and clients. Use all of your employees to improve performance in your organization.


About Edward Leader

Edward Leader is a nationally recognized authority in the area of communications.

Mr. Leader's seminars have received national recognition through his ability to teach all areas of effective communications. He travels over 100,000 miles a year throughout the United States to campuses and businesses and has trained thousands of participants. In addition, he is the author of Leader's Original Weekly Organizer and the cassette Remembering Everyone's Name. He is listed in Who's Who for Training and Development. Mr. Leader also serves as a professional consultant to businesses and industry and was recently named Instructor of the Year.

His repeated engagements with businesses, colleges, and associations prove his popularity with his audiences. You will find his presentation highly organized, enjoyable to listen to, and most of all - effective.